About Us

Thank you for your interest in our Association! La Vie en Rose is a non profit association formed by women of different nationalities, ages, and social backgrounds with the mission to try to bring more Happiness in the world.

Who we are

Women of different nationalities, different ages, different social backgrounds.

Our mission

We are trying to bring more Happiness in the world to women and men by our actions.

Why we do it

In the current worldwide crisis we have decided to dedicate time, money and energy to try to help.

What we do

La Vie en Rose is a women’s collective whose objective is to spread happiness around the world through unusual actions.

We support and empower women and men to shape their future and make a difference through various actions.
People who have participated in our actions have gained self-confidence, joy of living, and have started new projects.

The president

Manuella Hachet is a speaker and president of the non-profit Association La Vie en Rose. Very early on, she became interested in cognitive sciences, particularly the links between gifted children and addictions. A theme that echoes her personal story, which she describes in a TedTalk.

After spending 10 years battling drug addictions and near death, she miraculously pulled through. Since then, she has been dedicated to what constitutes Happiness.

In March 2020, during the first wave of the pandemic, she created “La Vie En Rose”, a collective of women whose objective is to spread Happiness through unusual actions.

Thus, from Paris to Abidjan, from the street to social networks, these amateur and volunteer women train other women from all over the world to dance on a hymn of their own composition!

One year later, they broadcast the “L For Liberty” challenge, a simple hand gesture to raise awareness of the importance of Liberty as the foundation of Happiness.

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