Prosa with Polina Rushe

PROSA the new song of La Vie en Rose Association, featuring the Wonderful Polina Rushe

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PROSA the new song of La Vie en Rose Association, featuring the Wonderful Polina Rushe

Meet Polina Rushe

My name is Polina and I’m 23 years old. Originally from Russia, I lived and studied in different countries all around the globe. From growing up in Germany, studying in Australia and Taiwan – I finally found myself in France. I am fluent in 7 languages: Russian, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and little Chinese. But who knows what is coming next?

I always find a way to practice my favorite hobbies: dance and play violin! My passions drive me no matter where I am. And I try to share if with the people around me. My motto is “Smile more” as that’s what I do 24/7.

Graduated in Economics from the Sorbonne, I am currently obtaining my Master’s degree in Public Policy and Human Development in order to participate in future decision-making, apply my international background and show that female leadership has its place to be.

Confident, optimistic and open-minded, I am going through life where I constantly try to live outside my comfort zone and overcome every challenge with determination, style and elegance. And of course – always with a smile.

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