Swiss Nurses dance La Vie en Rose

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Thank you to Fabiene, Nacéra, Emeline and Ludivine, Nurses in Switzerland – for sending your amazing videos! Thanks for spreading happiness with us! 🌸 If you also want to take the challenge contact us.

The video

Meet the participants


Nacera, nurse-anesthetist, lives in Sion.
I like : tolerance, respect for others and freedom of thought as long as it remains within the limits of respect for others.
I took part in this video above all to support you with this concept of Freedom and to see life in pink, to change the way people look at life and not to remain in the sun which is too much in the minds of people at the moment.
The main difficulty encountered: lack of self-confidence in front of a “camera” and very little training before to be able to let go openly and be at ease in front of it.
Women must look at what is happening in the world, become more emancipated, take as an example the woman who lives on the other side of the continent, but in relation to the shooting, take example on several video films.
It is still difficult to forget the confinement because every gesture reminds us that we are confined in some way😉


Fabiene, sion, nursing, music, dancing, cooking

Difficulty : to have a place without the patients and colleagues being disturbed

Great atmosphere, new encounters, good mood, we had a good laugh.

It took the edge off the day, dancing, doing things we don’t usually do at work

Listening to women 😂 letting them talk and at least pretending to listen to them

This initiative is wonderful, we had a lot of fun participating. It makes you proud to be a woman. We are looking forward to spreading our joy to women all over the world. And it was great to meet new colleagues

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