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Our Mission

The pandemic has spread tense and gloomy atmosphere. Studies show that happiness has declined worldwide.

This decline in relative wellbeing is found across various datasets, measures of subjective wellbeing, demographic groups, and countries. New surveys looking at happiness worldwide show that people and particularly women are now less happy than they have ever been.

We're trying to change that.

Our Impact


People worldwide reached by different actions to increase their happiness level.

21 actions

Improving the happiness of women, men, workers, care providers and their families.

13 countries

Different actions in Bénin, France, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Russia, Sénégal, Switzerland, UAE...

our actions

Discover our actions to try to spread more happiness worldwide. Ok it doesn’t change the world but neither doing nothing right? 🙂

Promote our challenges to your friends, record a video dance and send it to us… All in support of raising awareness for Women’s happiness.

The new hand sign to express your need and love for Liberty. It is not about opposing any rule, the opposite. It is about to find a way to feel free and happy while respecting the rules.

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Casting in Paris

Are you ready to be an ambassador of La Vie en Rose Association like Polina Rushe and Alisa Volichenko? Casting in Paris 28th of July

Africa Day 2021

Africa Day 2021

La Vie en Rose association is pleased to offer this video to thank all the women in Africa who have participated in the #RoseChallenge.🌹🌹🌹🌹 Thanks




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